Jumping Back In

By Madeline Harvey

In which Maddie writes about first episode of our serial, The Vegas Thing.

One of the things I admire most about Zoë’s writing is her ability to start. She eases into things so naturally. There is no clumsiness or discomfort. It was this way from the beginning. After taking a year off from Etta and Emily, we launched into The Vegas Thing and the two of us couldn’t have been more different. While Miss Spencer spread her creative wings all swanlike and beautiful, I lurched out of the gates in desperate need of oiling and reprogramming.

Even more insulting, I do believe this is her very first draft.


As  a reader, I loved this first episode. There is much wit and wryness to it. As a writer, I found it difficult to keep up with the break neck speed. She’s going for distance in this first
installment, something I don’t have in mine. It’s exciting to watch this unfold because there are so many new and wonderful things coming down the line.

Personally, I am thrilled Zoë is out there first. What I enjoy the most is this can be a
standalone serial. Though it isn’t necessary to read 500, I strongly suggest you do so you can see where Emily is coming from. This episode picks up pretty close to where her Cars & Girls story left off, where as my plot line is new and doesn’t have much to do with Barracuda other than the recycling of characters. Or, reusing would be the proper term, I suppose.


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