Moving away from Amazon

By Evangeline Jennings

For our first two years, we’ve published our books exclusively through Amazon. There are good reasons why we and other people do this and compelling arguments to say we shouldn’t.

For us, it’s been about practicality. Amazon offers us a level of quality control that no one else does and despite their faults, their publishing interfaces – Createspace and KDP – are far superior to those offered by competitors such as Barnes & Noble’s Nook Press or Smashwords, neither of whom offer full support for publishers who want to create in the EPUB format.

And, of course, the more publishing partners you use, the more time you have to spend managing your products and accounts. Which is time we should be spending writing.

However, this also has to be about principle. And we don’t believe that encouraging Amazon to become the world’s only publisher and bookshop is in the best interests of anyone except their shareholders.

So for the past month, we’ve been looking at different outlets and for reasons that are far too boring to explain here, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Press is now dead to us and we are going to give Smashwords a go. Somewhat reluctantly.

Our first Smashwords publication – and our first available in EPUB – is Gazebo, the end-of-year compilation of all twelve releases in the 2014 Pankhearst Singles Club.

We are likely to publish several more ebooks through Smashwords before we make a final decision but if we cannot get along with them, we will probably start selling EPUB versions of our books directly to readers ourselves.


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