Backstory – A Free Ebook

By Evangeline Jennings

A week today we launch our first web serial – The Vegas Thing by portmanteau Pankhearst author, Harvey Spencer who is, of course, not what he seems.

Drunk Bitches
Harvey Spencer in his natural habitat.

Madeline Harvey and Zoë Spencer have known each other forever. Spend a night in their company and it’s slap-your-face obvious. They finish each other’s sentences, wear each other’s clothes, and spend a lot of time photographing themselves.

It’s kinda weird, really.

Freaky weird.

And clearly sexual.

But I digress.

Because it’s fun.

Maddy and Zoë taken from behind.
Maddy and Zoë taken from behind.

After submitting their stories for our very first book, Cars and Girls, Zoë and Maddy decided they weren’t done with their characters – the blue-blooded Emily Maltravers and redneck Etta Boyd and halfway through a second bottle of wine, they told me they wanted to write a novel together in which their two girls would join forces and do great but unspecified things. Inspired by one of their in-jokes, Zoë said their book would be called The Vegas Thing.

Then she asked if Pankhearst would edit and publish it.

Backstory Ebook CoverI said we would, if they proved there was life in the characters by writing two more short stories first. They did, and they were – not to put too fine a point on it – utterly perverse and splendid fun. So I said yes, we will do The Vegas Thing. That was almost two years ago. Zoë has spent much of her time since then gallivanting on boats, but now – finally and eventually – we can share The Vegas Thing with you all, starting on Friday 30th January. But before we do, I thought we should remind you who the fuck these girls are. So without more ado, I give you Zoë and Maddy, Emily and Etta, in their original stories from Cars and Girls.

Download Backstory for free.

PS – We’ll be publishing their porn-y stories too – under the name Girls and Boys – but you’ll have to wait a few because first we need to sort the cover art. In the meantime, here’s a song lovingly selected by Zoë. Hey, ho …


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