The story behind a story

By Simon Paul Wilson

On Halloween, we are publishing our first novel, Yuko Zen is Somewhere Else. We recently asked the author, Simon Paul Wilson, to tell us the story behind his story. This is what he said.

Back in 2008, I had an idea for a horror novel that featured a strange Japanese girl who gave the main character, a guy called Winter, cryptic clues about an impending apocalypse. After writing over twenty thousand words, I decided to ditch the idea. It wasn’t playing out as I thought it would.

2009 arrived and I started work on another idea, this time about parallel dimensions. The character of Winter was reused, as was the nameless Japanese girl.  This idea lasted until around ten thousand words. Again, it didn’t grab me.

A few months later, I came up with the story of a guy called Chris Winter who finds a diary that belongs to a kooky girl who is half Japanese and half English and comes from Somewhere Else. Yuko Zen was born.

As I was writing this quirky tale, I stumbled across the Harper Collins website Authonomy. I uploaded the story of the Zen girl and was amazed to find that many folk  loved her! People were investing in the characters and reading each chapter as it was uploaded!

Yuko Zen Is Somewhere Else got to the Editors Desk on Authonomy and received an excellent review from a Harper Collins editor.  And now, these lovely Pankhearst people are going to publish her. It may have taken a while, but the Zen girl is finally going to meet her public. To be honest, I think Yuko rocks.  I hope you’ll think so too.

Yuzo Zen Book Launchy Thing

Pre-order Yuko Zen


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