The Singles Club: Series 2

By ER McTaggart

I’ll be brief: 2015 will see twelve new monthly short stories/novellas edited by me. Once again, the Pankhearst pursuit will be to develop and showcase upcoming writers for all genres, from all backgrounds, with all sorts of different stories to tell. Because that’s what we’re about: authors telling stories. So send your stories in, and get noticed.

Our first story of 2015 will be a wacky, obscenely-funny-for-something-so-pious story, St. Rage, by Ms. Karen Eisenbrey, and I’m very excited about it. I’m sure she will be too when she finds out.

Good luck, and Happy Writing.



PS – Pankhearst still welcomes everybody. But if you don’t edit your story at least once, don’t be surprised if I just ignore you.


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