by Evangeline Jennings

Yesterday I wrote about our plans to launch our first novel, Yuko Zen is Somewhere Else, on Halloween. That same day we will also be launching the debut single* by Charlotte Aspin.

Charlotte, who has a bit of a mouth on her, is destined to be a star of the New Wave of British Heavy Misery and, if I have my way, her official new nickname will be Chazbaps. Or failing that, Rose. Which is probably only funny to me. Her single will be called Suck and later this month, you will have the chance to win a copy for yourself and to wear her name across your own personal baps.

Suck Sample T Shirt

I cry on the bus so nobody can see me. I pull my hair into a ponytail to hide the fact we had our water turned off again this month. I sew and re-sew, and sew again, buttons on school shirts to make them last.

All I really have to my name are three mistakes and an electric toothbrush. I need out.

Um. Something about swallow.

*Fuck. I love being a record label for books.


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