Another year, another agenda

By Evangeline Jennings

My last post talked about our plans for the rest of this year. This one – inevitably – is all about 2015. Here’s what you can expect:

Pankhearst Singles Club
The Singles Club will continue under new management – more about that shortly. Submissions remain open.

Slim Volume
A themed journal of poetry, flash fiction, and short fiction, the first Slim Volume – No Love Lost – will publish later this year. We plan to publish two further editions during 2015, and submissions for the May edition will open in December. Kate Garrett will continue to edit Slim Volume with a firm but caring hand.

Web Serial
In January, we will try something new. A web-based Cars & Girls serial entitled The Vegas Thing and written by two of our finest young authors will debut towards the end of the month. The Vegas Thing will bring together two of the stars of our original Cars & Girls collection and plunge them into a new adventure. Fresh episodes will post every week until the story is complete.

New Collections and Novels
No details yet, but there will be at least one new collection of short fiction in the first half of 2015 and we also plan to publish several more novels.


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