Fourth Quarter

By Evangeline Jennings

A busy year is drawing to a close. We’re already in the final quarter and you can insert your own sporting metaphor here.

A few days ago we released our tenth single, the very wonderful Frontier by the lovely Miriam Vaswani, and we’re already looking forward to publishing a fistful of other goodies before we break for the holidays and disappear on the first official Pankhearst retreat to Las Vegas, America’s answer to Blackpool. Here are some dates for your frantic social calendar:

On October 31st, we will publish both our first novel – Yuko Zen is Somewhere Else by Simon Paul Wilson – and a special Halloween single – Suck by Charlotte Aspin. And we plan to run launch events for both.

November 10th
There’s no easy way of saying this but with a little luck and a generous headwind, we will celebrate my 30th birthday with the release of my first full length fiction book, Riding in Cars with Girls. A sequel of sorts to Cars & Girls, this novel length collection of six short stories is – though I say it myself – really not bad at all. And it has a lovely cover.

The last month of the year may be our busiest. If we can get them finished up and polished up to our standards we will be publishing both No Love Lost – our first Sim Volume journal of poetry and short fiction, edited by Kate Garrett – and Jinger Barley and the Murkle Moon – think Harry Potter meets the Smiths – by Lucy Middlemass.

We will also be releasing the official Pankhearst Christmas single which promises to be a resounding endorsement of conservative Christian family values.


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