Will get fooled again

By Evangeline Jennings

So. For sometime we’ve been using the Booklinker service to provide universal links to our books on Amazon.

It seemed like a cute and no-brain solution to a pesky little problem as it was both free and non-intrusive. Until today.

You may have noticed that BookLinker short-links are currently displaying brief rich-media advertisments before redirecting to your content.

This is because Amazon Associates are withholding affiliate income from us; effectively forcing us to display these ads in order to meet our ongoing costs.

Sales are unlikely to be affected, but if you would like to continue using our service *completely ad-free*, we are offering a new premium plan, costing 10 GBP per month.

Please respond to this email if you would like to upgrade to this plan, and we will respond with instructions.

Best regards

Richard @ BookLinker

And yet, prior to this after-the-event notice Booklinker actually allowed users to substitute their own Amazon affiliate code for Booklinker’s own which means that in many cases it was indeed an entirely free service.

If you yourself are an Amazon affiliate however, you are welcome to use our service without having your own affiliate commissions compromised. In order to do this, simply go to your account page and enter your affiliate tags where prompted.

Not being particularly clever or financially astute, I’ve no idea how or if Booklinker was intending to monetize their service but if this bait and switch exercise was their only game plan all along, they really have no idea. Guess I’ll be spending some time removing all these “free” links from our site over the next week or so.

Le sigh.




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