Izzy Wizzy, We’ve been busy

By Evangeline Jennings

Exciting and busy times here at Pankhearst.

Last weekend, we released CONVERTIBLE, a Cars & Girls Kindle Single

Three Books

Today we publish MOREMAIDS, volume two in the Mermaids series, and we also offer you the opportunity to pick up HEATHERS for free.

As if that wasn’t enough – which obviously it is – we’re also working frantically on our first full length novel, YUKO ZEN IS SOMEWHERE ELSE by Simon Paul Wilson. Expect a formal announcement within the week.

But for now:


A split CARS & GIRLS single from Lucy Middlemass and Jane Bradley.

Side A – MAZDA by Jane Bradley – A fuzzy punk pop classic played with devil-may-care gusto. The high octane continental wild child misadventures of Britney and Chardonnay.

Side AA – VOLVO by Lucy Middlemass – Longer, slower, and deeper. In the seaside town they forgot to close down, Jade and her menagerie of sisters solve the mystery behind a stolen crappy Volvo.

The ninth release of the Pankhearst Singles Club. Small, but perfectly formed. And the only single with a super-secret hidden bonus track.


Like Mermaids before it, Moremaids takes a trope so old it is truly biblical and turns it on its head. For Young Adults of all ages, these are more stories of the Flood.

HEATHERS – FREE until the end of Tuesday 16th September

Twenty four bittersweet slices of teenage life, HEATHERS tells adolescence the way it is – a struggle. Expect no handsome princes or unicorns. This book comes with a body count. Heroin or ice cream, what’s your damage?


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