By Evangeline Jennings

We have a problem with YA books. We like them but we think publishers and bookshops generally see Young Adults as Young and not Adult. We can argue definitions and identify exceptions all you like, but that is how we feel. It’s why we wrote and published Heathers.

And it’s why we’re now about to publish a sequel of sorts. It’s called Mermaids. Almost inevitably.

When we had the original idea for Heathers, we thought it would be big fun to have a character called Heather in each of our twenty four snapshots of adolescent life. So we did.

There are absolutely no mermaids in Mermaids. Instead, we have teenagers coming of age in a deeply unpleasant damp dystopia. Here’s the marketing blurb.

People like us.

A planet like ours.

Where five out of every ten teenagers won’t live to see twenty-one.

For Young Adults of all ages, these are stories of the Flood.

When we published Heathers, I was asked several times: what other books is it like? And I had no answer. Heathers was and has remained unique. As far as I know.

Ask me the same question about Mermaids and I’ll tell you, ‘Mermaids is just like Heathers. Only wetter.’

Mermaids will be published on August 1st. The seven featured stories will be:

  • Our Russian Soldiers by Lucy Middlemass
  • Seamonsters by Simon Paul Wilson Deepwater by Evangeline Jennings
  • Land by Fiona Haven
  • Redeemer by Pippa Whitethorn
  • Beyond the Water by C.J. O’Shea
  • Epwa by T.S.W. Sharman

Volume two – entitled Moremaids – will be published later in the year.

Contrary to rumor, we currently have no plans to publish any kind of book called Beetlejuice. However, we can confirm that Lucy, Pippa, and CJ have been rehearsing a dance number to celebrate the publication of Mermaids.




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