By Evangeline Jennings

As we ease into the second half of the year, we can now announce our plans for the rest of 2014.  It’s going to be legendary.

Following the success of the first six months of our yearlong Singles Club, here is the line up for the second half of 2014. Six kick ass singles. Six kick ass writers. More stories than you can shake a stick at.

Review copies on request. Authors are available for interview.

July – VALENTINA by Evangeline Jennings (released today)
Meet Valentina. She’s a slash and burn kind of girl. Lovely, leggy, lethal, nothing will stand in her way.

A love story with a body count, VALENTINA is the seventh release of the Pankhearst Singles Club. Small, perfectly formed, and way beyond deadly.

August – MINI – A Cars & Girls release by Tee Tyson
Thunderbird – Small town bullies reap what they sow.
Limousine – A story of the Most Beautiful Suicide

MINI will be the eighth release of the Pankhearst Singles Club. Small, with good gas mileage, and perfectly formed.

September – CONVERTIBLE – A split Cars & Girls single from Lucy Middlemass and Jane Bradley.
Side A – Mazda by Jane Bradley – A fuzzy punk pop classic played with devil-may-care gusto and glee. The high octane continental wild child misadventures of Britney and Chardonnay.

Side AA – Volvo by Lucy Middlemass – Longer, slower, and deeper. In the seaside town they forgot to close down, Jade and her menagerie of sisters solve the mystery behind the theft of a crappy Volvo estate.

CONVERTIBLE will be the ninth release of the Pankhearst Singles Club. Small, but perfectly formed. And the only single with a super-secret hidden bonus track.

October – UNTITLED by Miriam Vaswani
More details to follow.

November – SUCK by Charlotte Aspin
More details to follow.

December – NO CHRISTMAS by Evangeline Jennings (again)
Life is a struggle for fourteen-year-old Abby but at least she has Shelby, a Christmas miracle.

A heartwarming tale of faith, conservative family values, and improvised explosive devices, NO CHRISTMAS will be the twelfth and final release of the Pankhearst Singles Club. Small, perfectly formed, and taking precisely no shit.


We also plan to publish the following full length books

GENERIC AIRPORT THRILLER – The paperback-only compilation of the first six Pankhearst singles. Published yesterday.

MERMAIDS – Speculative and postdiluvial fiction for Young Adults of all ages.

YUKO ZEN IS SOMEWHERE ELSE – Our first full length novel, by Simon Paul Wilson

MOREMAIDS – Guess. We dare you.

RIDING IN CARS WITH GIRLS – A sequel of sorts to CARS & GIRLS, by Evangeline Jennings

JINGER BARLEY AND THE MURKLE MOON – Harry Potter meets The Smiths, by Lucy Middlemass

MIDDLE CLASS WHITE BASTARDS ALMOST KISSING ON A BEACH – The paperback-only compilation of the second six Pankhearst singles.

And we also plan to publish our first SLIM VOLUME. Entitled NO LOVE LOST, this themed anthology of poetry and flash fiction will be curated by chart-topping poet Kate Garrett and submissions remain open until August 31st.



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