No Exit

By Evangeline Jennings

Another month, another great Pankhearst single.

No Exit by Dan Holloway is possibly our darkest single yet. It certainly has the highest bodycount.

Two women who’ve never met are about to commit murder together.

NO EXIT is a dark psychological thriller set in Oxford that asks a very simple question – can it ever be a good thing to kill?

Dani was the sole survivor of a horrific war crime in the former Yugoslavia. She has devoted her life to hunting down the perpetrators, leading her to become a detective in Oxford. But when the police let her down, where does she turn?

Alice’s world is turned upside down when her best friend Cassie commits suicide after a bullying campaign. How can she reconcile her desire for revenge with her guiding principle, “Make the world a more beautiful place”?

Could a cold-blooded killing really be the answer for both of them?

Buy it and enter the competition to win a UNIQUE prize. (Where ‘unique’ is a word that means ‘actually there’s three of them, but two are already spoken for’). More on this in a day or two.

No Exit at Amazon UK

No Exit at Amazon US

Universal Link

No Exit - Dan Holloway



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