Down in flames

By Evangeline Jennings

Last summer, we took the plunge and launched our own book review site. In the run up to Christmas, we put it on hold. Today, we’re killing it off.


There were several reasons, but far and away the biggest was the fact that we published our own second book a week before Christmas and had big plans for 2014. We’re still a collective, not a Real Publisher, but we started to feel there might be a conflict of interest. This became more apparent when we began to receive suggestions of Mutually Beneficial Reviewing and even an occasional veiled threat.

So. We’re out of the book review game and The Pankhearst Review is deceased.

I regret this. First, because it was my idea and I hate to fail at things. Second, because it was fun and we did discover a number of really good books and very worthwhile authors. But mostly because the world is crying out for decent indie book review sites that DO NOT SEEK TO MONETIZE THE REVIEW PROCESS AND EXTORT MONEY FROM STRUGGLING INDIE AUTHORS.

I’m sorry we can’t be one of those sites.

For some reason, this is my song for today.


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