Mermaids – Open for submissions

By Evangeline Jennings

After the success of Heathers, we were sure we wanted to do another YA book. Initially the plan was that Mermaids would be – in essence – Heathers 2. However after a month of thinking about it, we’ve taken a lateral leap. Our next YA collection – working title Project Mermaids – will be a near future YA dystopia. And it’s title will almost certainly NOT be Mermaids.

Also we are open for submissions.

Lucy Middlemass and Evangeline Jennings

People a lot like us live on a planet a lot like our Earth. Except it’s not. It’s one of those alternative reality thingummies and a great flood of biblical proportions has covered the planet.

A tiny residual population now lives scattered around the planetary ocean in individual, isolated communities. Artificial islands. Sea vessels. Hot air balloons. Anything else you can think of. Others engage in piracy and trade.

So, it’s a bit like Waterworld, but not entirely crap.

This is a YA book so all stories must feature a Young Adult protagonist.

This is a Pankhearst book so no actual mermaids, selkies, vampire dolphins, or any of that silly little girl shit. Big mad angry sharks would be perfectly OK. No laser beams.

Lucy and Evangeline have already written the first two stories and therefore built the bare bones of world. Although the book will be a collection of stories written by different authors, we want all the stories to be consistent within the world we have created and to interlink somehow with each other. We therefore reserve the right to interfere in your creative process to ensure this integrity.

We will welcome submissions of any length between 1-20K and request you begin by submitting a brief outline. Even if it’s as brief as “I want to write a romance set on a pirate ship”.

Click here for the submissions page.

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