Reader Meet Author

By Evangeline Jennings

This post is a shameless plug for a series of author interviews and giveaways that we will be running over on our sister site, the Pankhearst Review.

After plowing through more than one hundred and sixty books, we have finally found ten we liked enough to award four or even five stars* and to celebrate we decided that we would like to help promote those books a little more.

The first season of Reader Meet Author will debut on Monday September 16 and run for two weeks. One new interview will be published each weekday and at the end of the run, we will be giving away free copies of all ten books in both signed paperbacks and e-book format.

We will then run additional seasons of Reader Meet Author on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Oh, and unlike certain other “independent review sites” (a sadly growing list), we will NEVER charge writers for reading and reviewing their books, let alone interviewing them.

*More truthfully, we actually found twelve, but I have a story in one of them – a roller derby themed anthology – and we have already interviewed Dan Holloway, the author of Evie and Guy right there on this very site.


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