Fuck me gently with a chainsaw

By Evangeline Jennings

As we’ve been setting up the Pankhearst Review, it may have appeared as if we were shying away from Pankhearst Proper and our various writing projects. Far from it.

Zoë Spencer and Madeline Harvey’s Girls & Boys – a weird noirotic bridge between their stories in Cars & Girls and a new collaborative novel called Vegas Thing – is ready to publish whenever the time is right.

Heathers – a collection of splendid short fiction for and about Young Adults – is in the final stages of preparation.

More Songs About Cars And Girls is at least fifty percent done.

And we are giving serious consideration to publishing a number of YA novels.

HEATHERS-PosterOf all these projects, however, Heathers is the one that is receiving most of our tender love and care. Quite by coincidence, it’s twenty-five years since the Winona Ryder movie was first released – October 1988 in Italy, March 1989 in the US – and although it would be exaggerating and misleading to say that our book was inspired by the movie, it is certainly true that the idea coalesced around the name, which resonated with meaning for all involved, and we will be counting it as our own little tribute to both Veronica and Winona.

And in case you were wondering, yes, each of the twenty-five stories in Heathers will feature a character called Heather.

Aren’t we wacky?

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