As if tATu never happened

By Evangeline Jennings

While FIFA has led the way in pissing all over civil liberties by rubber stamping the wealthy hatemongers of Qatar and Russia, the almost equally corrupt International Olympic Committee is not far behind.

The Independent reports today that Gay competitors in next year’s Winter Olympics risk arrest by Russian police if they engage in “propaganda” of their homosexuality, Russia’s Sports Minister has confirmed.

Presumably this applies even more so to gay visitors. Or even perfectly normal people who happen to believe in equality under the law.

This has shocked the IOC because they thought they had done a Get Out Of Gay Jail deal with Russia on behalf of the “Olympic Community”, but apparently not.

And good.

tATu bOObsHow despicable an organization must the IOC be if it is prepared to ignore Russia’s institutionalized homophobia and indeed sanction it with its presence so long as those wealthy homo-hating Ruskis don’t rub their Olympic faces in it by applying their hate-ridden laws to IOC’s own “workers” and “customers”? Pretty fucking despicable in my opinion.

This Winter Olympics, like the World Cups scheduled for Russia and Qatar, should be boycotted and the cunts running the IOC should make a public statement deploring the law and climate in Russia. But, of course, none of that will happen. The IOC will claim to be working to change Russia through sport – while filling their bank balances and organizational coffers – and do nothing but conspire with the TV companies to pretend there is no problem.

NBC Sports chairman Mark Lazarus, for example, has said that Sochi, “like every Olympic site, comes with political and social issues” and that NBC would address the fact that the host nation discriminates against and encourages violence against a minority group only if it becomes “relevant to the Games.”

Of course when he taking that approach he was assuming that the whole IOC Get Out Of Gay Jail deal was still on.


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