Announcing our new Book Review Site

By Evangeline Jennings

While some people avoid them like the plague, we’ve never been ones to shy away from a cliché. So it should come as no surprise that we’ve decided to pick today – American Independence Day – to announce that yes, Veronica, we are going to try our own hand at book reviewing.

Obviously, we also enjoy irony at least as much as that famous American Alanis Morissette because of the six most excellent reviewers who have signed up,  only one is as American as apple pie. And she lives in Japan.

The Pankhearst Review was born of frustration.

After we – the Pankhearst writers collective – released our first book, we discovered how hard it could be for new writers and publishers to get an even break from many review sites. Then we realized what a bunch of charlatans some of them are. One site in particular pissed us off royally.

So we decided to do something about it.

Here, for want of a better word, is our Mission Statement.

  • The Pankhearst Review exists to connect readers with writers.
  • We love books.
  • We believe the writer is more important than the reviewer. And that the reader is more important than the writer.
  • We also believe it is wrong to charge a writer to read and review their book. The reader must be able to believe in the reviewer’s integrity.
  • And. Um. That’s about it.

You can find our baby steps Pankhearst Review website here. The “reviews” currently posted are only mock-ups used for testing purposes, but you should get the general idea.

You can read our Review Policy here.

Let’s go to work.


One thought on “Announcing our new Book Review Site

  1. I had no idea I was the ONLY American. But that’s sort of awesome! Looking forward to reviewing for you all.

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