Vanity unfair

By Evangeline Jennings

Our little piece on Indie Irony continues to be read. Most of them may come from the proprietors of the IndieReader. Returning the favor, I noticed today that the IndieReader has its own defintion of ‘indie’ books.

in*die [in-dee] Informal : 1. a book that an author has paid, in full or in part, to produce

As if I needed another reason to loathe and detest (yeah, I’m going with both) that website. And any others like them.

Here’s a couple of quick comments.

First, we paid nothing to produce and publish Cars and Girls, except our own sweat and tears. Which is why you will never see it featured at IndieReader. The same will apply to Heathers. And both books rock. Hard.

Second, the IndieReader’s definition of ‘indie’ reveals they draw no distinction between the nature of Indie and Vanity Publishing. Which goes a very long way to explaining their attitude towards both authors and readers. They’re basically a Vanity Review site.

They see writers as desperate cash cows eager to be milked.

And display their contempt for readers by charging authors $100 for each review and expecting the reader to believe the review can be in anyway impartial or untainted.

Indie, my arse. That’s Vanity Reviewing.

To end on a positive note, we are giving serious consideration to starting our own review site. Half a dozen well-qualified reviewers are already interested. Watch this space. Or don’t.


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