Haiku ain’t easy, but it’s necessary

By Zoë Spencer

We’re more or less halfway though our rather excellent Haiku Noir competition. Which is definitely not a giveaway. And being rather silly, I suggested – or perhaps insisted – that we should all have a go ourselves.

So we did.

And here for your delight and delectation, are four rather poor haiku from the authors of Cars and Girls. Enjoy!

Black dress. Scarlet heels.
Deadly legs. Kiss me redly.
Nickel plated gun..
~ Zoë Spencer, author of 500

Lover motionless
Blood halo around his head
Her black eye darkens
~ Tee Tyson, author of Road Runner

Smoking gun in hand
her heels play a lonely beat
through the stormy night.
~Madeline Harvey, author of Barracuda

Noir is the colour
Of spilled blood, damaged lives, and
My one true love’s heart
~Evangeline Jennings, author of Crown Victoria

I think this proves that we can all count to seventeen but otherwise have no idea how to do poetry.

Can you do better?

Sure you can.


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