Haiku Noir

By Tee Tyson

Word on the information super highway is people love to chit-chat about things they have in common, like interests and dislikes and other junk. I think the technical term is interacting. And we here at Pankhearst Central love to interact, shoot-the-shit, have a gab fest, canoodle and bump uglies with all sorts. From heathens to Heathers to high society, we will retwat your tweets, like your Facebook statuses, and even post your fan mail on our fridges.

We love you.

Which is why we are having our first ever giveaway  contest.

I correct myself because giveaways are for the birds.

Pankhearst feels you should work for your handouts and slop. Which is why we are holding our first ever Thisisn’tagiveaway Contest.

First the details.

All you have to do to is write a haiku and submit via the dedicated Haiku Noir contest page – which will be made available when the competition opens on Sunday.

Of course, there’s a tricky part. Your haiku must have a noir theme. Not sure what noir is? Think back alleys, dames with seamed pantyhose, smoking guns, and red lipstick. Or look the meaning up on the intersnacks and let Dr Google can help you with a more thorough explanation.

And yes, there is a prize! Hard work should always be rewarded. And what a treat for you because the grand prize is a free digital copy of Cars and Girls, and the promise to love you for all of eternity!

As it goes, the second, third, fourth and fifth prizes are all the same. We’ve got a lot of love to give.

We will also be featuring the winners on our blog with the five haikus that blew our hair back and links to any websites, Twitter accounts, or charity clubs they deem worthy of putting beside their names and one sentence bios. Exciting, no?

The contest begins Sunday June 16th at 12:01am and will close Saturday June 22nd at 11:59pm. Then we’ll take a couple days (or more, depending on how many entries we get) to select the five winners!

Do you have it in you to write a stylish crime haiku?

I bet you do.

And don’t forget. Haikus have rules. But we are only adhering to two. These must be three lines and follow 5-7-5 for syllable beats.


3 thoughts on “Haiku Noir

  1. I’m in! Though since I’ve already bought Cars & Girls, you can give my copy to someone else, should I be selected. 😀

      1. You bet! Though it’s actually so easy to rhyme words in the Japanese language that it is actually discouraged. Hence, I think, syllable counts.

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