Help save the youth of Putin’s Russia

By Evangeline Jennings

The only thing that surprises me about yesterday’s Russian “Gay Propaganda” law is that it passed by 436 votes to zero with only one deputy abstaining. Seriously? They’re not even trying to pretend they have a democracy.


Almost inevitably, in Russia it is now illegal to equate straight and gay relationships, or to promote gay rights. This new law introduces fines for individuals and media groups found guilty of breaking the law, as well as special fines for foreigners.

Minutes after passing the anti-gay legislation, the Duma also approved a new law allowing jail sentences of up to three years for “offending religious feelings”. AKA as the Fuck Pussy Riot law.

According to reports in the British press, protesters who gathered outside the Russian parliament were attacked by extremist Orthodox Christians and pelted with eggs, stinging nettles and urine as they attempted to stage a “kissing protest”.

Apparently there is no law against religious twattery.

Gay-rights rallies and gay-pride marches have been banned in Russia as a matter of policy and the former Moscow Mayor famously referred to gay rallies as “a place for Satanists”. Surveys frequently show that many Russians feel gay people should be “treated” and there are almost no openly gay public figures. A television presenter, Anton Krasovsky, was fired earlier this year shortly after announcing his homosexuality on television. Mr Putin said recently that Russian laws do not discriminate against gay people in any way, but when the new bill comes into force it will be illegal to suggest that homosexuality is a normal life choice.
~ The Independent

The new law prohibits “spreading information aimed at forming non-traditional sexual behaviour among children, suggesting this behaviour is attractive and making a false statement about the socially equal nature of traditional and non-traditional relationships”.

Since it defines homosexuality as not normal and makes it illegal to argue for equality, it is clear that Russia is, in effect, criminalizing homosexuals and censoring any opposition. The only question is when will they compel queer Russians to wear pink triangles.

This law forbids us to talk openly about ourselves … and it prevents psychologists and teachers from defending gay teenagers from bullying and persuading them that they are normal.

~ Elena Kostyuchenko, Russian investigative journalist

Elena Kostyuchenko
Elena Kostyuchenko


With all due respect for Russian law, Pankhearst would like to advise our Russian friends and readers of the following Official True Facts:

  • Girl-on-girl sex is fucking great.
  • Boy-on-boy sex is great too.
  • Everyone has the basic human right to equality regardless of sexuality and gender.
  • And your church is as morally bankrupt and corrupt as your political leaders, who appear determined to drag your potentially great nation back into the dark ages.

Talking of corruption, I guess I need to update my recent piece on Sepp Blatter and FIFA.


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