Kingdom, if I can

By Evangeline Jennings

Picture this.

On January 10th, 1969, the Velvet Underground played the Boston Tea Party.

They opened their set with an eight minute version of “Heroin”.

Closed it with twenty-one minutes of “Sister Ray”.

The exploding plastic inevitable
The exploding plastic inevitable

That was more than forty-four years ago.  Forty-four fucking years.

People were amazed and influenced then, and they still are now.

Sometimes you just plain couldn’t figure out where on the stage those strange sounds and harmonics were coming from, because of the eerie calm with which they played and improvised in front of you, and because every time they’d come to town they’d introduce at least one new song that would, for better or worse, sound like nothing else that had gone before in rock music.

~ Jonathan Richman

I’m not stupid. I know we can’t all be the Velvet Underground. I understand that actually nobody else can. But writers, poets, musicians, whatever. Once in a while we should all try for the kingdom. Even if it turns out we can’t hit it sideways.


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