Cars and trailers

By Evangeline Jennings

There are small publishers who make book trailers for their authors. Some are pretty decent. Here are the reasons authors should beware.

Trailers don’t sell books. They only feed the ego. “Look at my trailer,” you shout. “Yeah,” your friends reply, “but we already knew whether or not we were buying your book. Three minutes wasted on You Tube don’t make no never mind.”

Trailers can actually put potential readers off.

Trailers can hurt your royalties. Most likely your contract with your publisher says that you get paid your on net profit. So if your publisher pays his best friend’s wife a thousand dollars to make your book trailer, that’s a thousand dollar cost you might have to cover before you make a penny. Of course, your mileage will vary in accordance with your contract.

There are self-published authors who invest their time and money in their own book trailers. Here are the reasons they should have more sense.

Trailers don’t sell books. They only feed the ego, drain your bank balance, and suck away time you could spend writing or effectively marketing your book.

If you MUST do a book trailer, then I honestly believe that my friend and colleague Miss Tee Tyson has the perfect solution for you. In all honesty, I was surprised when I saw it because we hadn’t discussed it at all. But this is the perfect book trailer.


Because it cost nothing essentially. It was no kind of Miss Tee time suck. And yet it conveys our excitement and enthusiasm for our book in a way that, frankly I could never pull off because, like most writers, I’m rightfully camera shy and terribly cynical.

Talking of which, if we sell ten thousand copies, Miss Tee will remake this video. In the passenger seat of a sports car while it’s being hurled around a track. Wearing a bikini top.

I may have made some of that up but I’m enjoying the mental image.


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