Colour me stupid

By Tee Tyson
Welcome to 2013, where acceptance and equal rights seems to have fallen to the wayside.

What am I talking about? The whole Cheerios debacle, of course.

For those of you who are unawares, they have this commercial. It’s super cute. You know the type—featuring a heart-warming family moment which centers around the love a child has for her father. I saw it in passing on YouTube, because they have all these crazy advertisements at the beginning of every single bleeping video! But that’s another blog rant for some other time.

To catch us up and put us on the same page, I’m going to post the video here, so you can understand the hate and anger directed at the General Mills breakfast cereal:

Do you get it?

You totally see why people are enraged over this, right?

Because I certainly didn’t.

In fact, when I randomly noticed a post pop up in my news feed talking about the outcry over the latest Cheerios commercial, I went in search of it. Tried to track down this insulting and disgusting video that had people up in arms.

Colour me embarrassed when I realized it was the ad I recently watched which warmed the cockles of my somewhat cold heart.

Colour me irate when I clued in that the outrage over this commercial was because of the interracial couple featured in it.

And colour me stupid over the fact I didn’t even notice the couple was interracial the first AND SECOND time I watched it.

How blind could I be?

When I watched this commercial, I literally saw nothing to be upset about. Not a thing registered as different, or odd, or out of place. I simply saw a family. That’s it. And to be honest, hearing that Cheerios had to disable their comments on YouTube because of all the racist comments and vitriol being posted is mind blowing and nauseating.  But not surprising. We’ve seen it a hundred billion times before.

Except, this isn’t 1953. I’m not pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen. Anti-miscegenation laws have long been abolished. But for some reason, these archaic and regressive ideals still exist in human beings to this day. While my annoyance, frustration and rage tempt me to punch the faces of these bigoted jackasses, I’m reminded that happy people don’t make it their goal to staunch other people’s rights.

Happy people don’t take to YouTube to post malicious comments. Nor do they try to smash apart equality with their fists of intolerance.

And so, I simply pity these people. These very unhappy people who clearly have too much time on their hands and need their computers taken away.

It’s the same way I pitied the hate-mongers who reared their ugly heads when JC Penny and the Gap used advertisements depicting ‘alternative lifestyles’.


2 thoughts on “Colour me stupid

  1. Well said. I don’t get U.S. commercials over here…. I was looking for some sort of joke and saw none. It was super cute. People are so… people. 😦

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