The queerest of the queer

By Evangeline Jennings

I was never a Garbage fan. I can’t remember why. I think I had other loves. But today? I’m completely crushed out on Shirley Manson. There is something wonderful about her that I want for myself.

Watch this.

Now watch this.

See the way she moves. A crazed, confident panther. Pacing. Hard as fuck.

Always moving. Pure sex. Loping about the stage. Swaying in and out of the beat. Prowling to her own instinctive predatory rhythms.

Expressing herself.

Defining her fierce sexuality in front of thousands of strangers.

Intense. Seething. Angry. Optimistic.

A fuck is one of many things Shirley Manson doesn’t give.

And I want my writing to move like Shirley does.


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