Madeline Mars

By Madeline Harvey

Not all that long ago, I dreamed of being a hardcore Newspaper Woman with a fancy hat who creates inspiring spreads for ground breaking news. In my mind, I’d be a sophisticated cigarette smoker with people clamouring all over me for a position at my serious and yet fashionably exotic newspaper company. Little did I know that newspapers were going the way of the dodo. A year later, I needed a new dream, so I decided I wanted to be a teenage detective. Things got a little awkward when I decided to swing past the grade school and solve crimes. Mostly because I was twenty-two. Still, that summer Veronica Mars walked into my life and you know how the youth are these days. We believe everything we see on television and are so fickle when it comes to our aspirations and dreams.

It’s Kristen Bell appreciation week here at Pankhearst and I’m thrilled to be contributing. I’m rather ashamed to admit I got on the V-Mars bandwagon a bit later in life.

What do you mean I'm too old? Kristen Bell was 24.
Post-Teenage Detective. What do you mean I’m too old? Kristen Bell was 24.

Even though I was too old to be a teenage detective in 2008, I still dreamed big. I also sat down with all three seasons of Veronica Mars and powered through them in two and a half weeks. I honestly don’t remember whether I showered at all during this most pivotal moment in my life. Still, I came out of it with blonde hair, something I regret all too much, and the desire to solve mysteries. Fortunately, my best friend hadn’t been murdered and I hadn’t been raped.

As kinda a side project, I dispense fashion advice.
As kinda a side project, I dispense fashion advice.

Yes, the series had ended by the time I started forming relationships with Veronica, Wallace, and Logan, but I was still attached. Also, the ending was very unsatisfactory. I mean, it left a lot of stuff unwrapped up. Neat little package it was not. Still, the rumours about a VM movie were circulating even back then.

To be honest, I hoped they were true. Except, all the talk and back alley whispers seemed to be false. Still, every single year someone came out with a juicy piece of gossip, dangling it in front of my expectant face.

Just when I’d literally given up and thrown the hopeful towel in, news broke. Five years later the most exciting trailers hits the internet. Rob Thomas, the show creator and director, has a Kickstarter campaign to get this movie filmed and delivered to all the adoring fans. While their original goal was two million dollars, which they hit in the first eleven hours, the fundraising campaign has now surpassed five million United States dollar dollar bills y’all. That’s a whole lot of monies. Which is making me think, why settle for a movie?

Maybe they should bring the television show back!

Perhaps I’m only a dreamer.

At least now Veronica will be in her twenties which is far more realistic for me, since now I want to be a twenty-something detective. I have the deerstalker and magnifying glass and everything. All I need is to find a quirky father figure and some friends willing to do whatever I need them to in order to break the case.

Oh, and a case. I need one of those too.

To sum up, I’m excited.


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